Saul/Paul The Musical!
An original children's musical by Kucenski & Voogt
A work currently in progress, Saul/Paul The Musical tells the story of Saul and his conversion. This new musical features 7 new original songs and an original stage play by Kucenski & Voogt! The songs feature a variety of musical styles and are written to be singable by children from 5 to 50! Both the songs and the stage play incorporate humor that will be enjoyed by young and old alike.

By recounting the story of Saul's conversion, Kucenski & Voogt convey the message that through the hearing of God's Word, and by the Grace of God, anyone can have a change of heart. The story also teaches that everyone, regardless of age, can be a disciple for Christ and that God is always there to help you share the message of His love and salvation!  

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In the meantime, please pray that God will lead us to complete this task and use this new musical for His own purpose!